Route opened

This ride offers a panoramic view over Mieussy hill, Marcelly and the Bargy mountains. The highest point of Sur le Coux stands at 1,048 m and there is a breath-taking view from here.

The characteristics of the route.
Mieussy (74)
  • Distance 12.9 km
  • Elevation gain 470 m
  • Elevation lost 470 m
  • Min. elevation 583 m
  • Max. elevation. 1003 m
  • Duration (depending on pace) 2h40 à 3h

From Mieussy community hall, cross the Pont du Diable and then follow signs for Bieully, Ivoray, Les Seujets, Sur le Coux. When you arrive in La Biolle, follow signs for Bois Gervaz where you will pass near the pottery workshop, and then follow signs for Dessy. You’ll be lucky enough to witness a clear view of the Mieussy hill and Marcelly mountains. From La Biolle, there is an alternate route with the possibility of passing via Le Mont. This is a passage across a field with a barbed wire gate.

Photo : Gilles Piel

Area : Mieussy
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