Praz de Lys Sommand Grandeur Nature in your smartphone
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Praz-de-Lys Sommand Grandeur Nature welcomes you to discover the Giffre mountains, through these summer and winter routes.

From the villages of Mieussy, Taninges and the resort of Praz-de-Lys Sommand, you can choose your itinerary from among 7 summer hike and trail routes, 2 verticals, 2 challenges, 2 white trail routes and many other outdoor activities in summer and winter.

A mountain of activities to exercise all year round!

Features of the application:

  • Location and orientation on detailed maps thanks to the GPS of your smartphone
  • Description of the routes and points of interest on the route
  • Route tracking alert to warn you if you stray from the route
  • Send predefined messages by SMS to your contacts
  • Emergency module: trigger a call or send an emergency SMS in case of problem
  • 5-day weather forecast
  • Addition of achievements and reports
  • Sharing on social networks
  • Integrated purchase of IGN maps (France) of the territory
  • Participation in the DéfiTrail

Download the application :

Download the Territoire de Trail application and embark on an immersion in the heart of the wild and magnificent Giffre mountains!

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