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From the Résidences de Sommand, there is a loop itinerary available, to Roche-Pallud and back.

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The characteristics of the route.
Mieussy (74)
  • Distance 4.9 km
  • Elevation gain 280 m
  • Elevation lost 280 m
  • Min. elevation 1410 m
  • Max. elevation. 1603 m
  • Duration (depending on pace) 2h30
  • Marking Yes
The upper section of the itinerary, towards Roche-Pallud, is a loop. This hiking trail is the only one that really takes you through a forest of pine, fir and spruce trees. It is also an opportunity to discover the Sommand peatland.

Hamlet of Roche-Pallud: You don’t need to venture far off the trail, just cross the small road in the hamlet and you’ll reach the cross up on a headland. From there, enjoy the spectacular view across the Bornes Mountains, Aravis Mountains, the Bargy, Cenise, Môle, etc. You’ll most probably see some paragliders taking off from Pertuiset, a historic paragliding take-off slope.

Admission fee : Free access.

Opening : From 20/12 to 10/04.
Read before you go!
Subject to favorable snow conditions.
Area : Sommand
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